Our Accounting Services:

1. Besides preparing the accounts in compliance with the requirements of the Singapore Accounting Standards, we deliver yearly management accounts.

These yearly management accounts include:
– Report on Aging of Accounts for both creditors and debtors;
– Bank Reconciliation Statement;
– General Ledger;
– Register of Fixed Assets;
– Profit or Loss Statement;
– Balance Sheet;
– Any other related schedules; and
– Journal entries (if required).

2. Preparation of Annual Unaudited/Compilation Financial Statements in accordance to the Singapore Accounting Standards.

Our service packages are competitive due to the scope of work that has to be completed. We have a competent team with skilled personnel, to provide and fulfil all the requirements; complying with the requirements of the relevant authorities.

3. Payroll

4. Do you require assistance in submitting your Annual Returns? Speak to us!!

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