Only one true solution for chain and franchise groups!

Facing tough times in managing your spa business properly? Your customers are satisfied but you have no time to relax? Is this because you are mainly busy handling your customers and other administrative tasks?

If Yes, then Spa POS software Solutions will be the answer to all your worries!

The Spa POS software is a computerised system which is able to handle all your business management. Thus, you will be able to deliver quality service to your customers which will ultimately lead to rising profits!

Spa POS software has made it very easy for you to manage your appointments with your clients. Therefore, you will be able to maintain cordial and healthy relations with your customers.

  • 100% data consolidation.
  • Single touch control of each local site and centralised reporting.
  • Supports flexible connection to your sites every second, minute, hour, day; as you choose, increasing your control.
  • LIVE reporting from any web browser anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Update pricing for products or services for all sites all at once – with the touch of one button.
  • Remote salon-based administration to focus on client management and satisfaction.
KAITS SPA management

Some of our enterprise level software features:

  • Remote Reporting
  • Centralised Service Management
  • Centralised Inventory Management
  • Centralised Employee Management
  • Security
  • Group Marketing

When you have multiple sites getting up and running, implementation becomes a key part of your decision.

If you are in need of more information about our Spa POS software, contact us! Our experts will get back to you for further assistance.


Financial Options:

  • One time payment or
  • Pay per month model

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